Nutritional Counseling

It’s an unfortunate paradox – while most Americans manage to eat plenty, more and more scientific studies are showing that a majority of Americans are nutritionally starving.

Our bodies need quality fuel to provide us with energy.   We get our “fuel” through the foods we eat and drink.  Unfortunately, most people today are eating very differently than our parents and grandparents have eaten in the past.  People are far removed from farms and gardens that once provided food for the family.  Due to the increased consumption of fast food, packaged food and processed food, our bodies are getting a poorer quality fuel.  The end result is fatigue and illness.

The truth of the matter:  If the body isn’t receiving quality nutrients, it will never heal in the long term.

Drawing on information from bio-impedience testing, hair and saliva analysis and muscle testing, Pathways to Healing doctors can create a personalized nutritional program that supports the body’s natural healing processes, improves energy and slows down aging.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to meet all of our nutritional requirements through diet alone.  Our bodies occasionally need a little more help.  Supplements can help fill the gaps in the typical American diet.

A well-crafted supplementation program can be an integral part of your healthcare regimen.  The right supplementation program not only helps your body heal and repair itself faster, it also can help you hold your adjustments longer.

But not all nutritional supplements are created equally…

Pathways to Healing is proud to use Standard Process Supplements.  In business for over 80 years, Standard Process has earned a reputation for quality nutritional supplementation.  Unlike other supplements on the market today, Standard Process Supplements:

  • are made from whole food concentrates, as opposed to isolated vitamins
  • use raw materials grown on a 1,000-acre certified organic farm
  • comply with rigorous quality standards

Standard Process is a leader in nutritional supplementation and we are confident that by offering Standard Process supplements, we are offering our patients the very best.

To schedule a nutritional evaluation, please call the office at 706-454-2040.


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